Photo Gallery

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Tools of the Trade

4 to 5 line bridle C conversion

20 meter classic C

10 Meter Obsession

10 meter RRD Obsession

2012 11 meter Fuel

Leading edge damage and one pump repair

2012 11 meter Spitfire Pink/Grey

Leading edge and canopy repair
Fixed KiteLeading edge and bag repairSmall canopy repair

Miscellaneous Repairs

Pigtail Replacement
Replacement Pigtails

Pulley Repair

pulley repair

Broken Bar Repair

Broken long bar

Cut, clean, and reinforce edge with aluminum inserts.

Re-inforced repaird 20 inch bar.

Recycled Kites

Kite Prototypes

4.5 meter strutless kite - Phoenix

10.5 meter strutless kite - Phoenix

Strutless Conversions