Repair Estimates

Phone: 1(925)687-1104

San Francisco East Bay Area

Prices will vary depending on the material damage and condition of the kite.
To help reduce cost and expedite repair, clean and remove debris from kite.  Avoid disassembling kites as this will add additional time to repair your gear.
  • Canopy repair with no rips on the struts or leading edge, rip up to 12":
    Additional cost per inch for repair greater than 12"
  • Full canopy tears with no rips on struts or leading edge:
  • Canopy and leading edge or strut repair, including bladder repair:
  • Leading edge Dacron or struts tear up to 12":
  • Additional cost per inch for repair greater than 12"
  • Valve repair, re-glue valves on their seats:
  • Leading edge, and if bladder can be repaired
  • Bridal repair minimum:
  • Pigtails for 4 line kites:
  • Pigtails for 5 line kites:
  • Cleaning service, remove sand and abrasive materials lodge inside bladders and seams. Additional charges for required part replacement not included.

  • Trouble shooting service, find slow pinhole leaks. If leading edge bladder can be repaired. Debug, disassemble, repair/patch, re-assemble kite. Additional cost if major parts needs to be replaced.
    Manual pump kites
    Single point one pump kites.
    Octopus system inflation kites